DB Cargo France

France's leading private rail freight operator

 DB Cargo France, the leading private rail freight operator.

Today, as the leader in the private rail freight market in France, our company has continued to grow in the market, developing innovative and responsible solutions for its customers within the European network.

Thanks to its diversified range of services, DB Cargo France is the rail traction partner for the transport of goods by single wagon or full train.

Our day-to-day operations and relationships are based on four pillars:


Nowadays, there are few companies that are not confronted with change of any kind. In order to maintain a high level of quality in our services, we have made innovation and adaptation to change an essential part of our daily work.

To do this, for example, we have increased the versatility of the manager's position, which is particularly prone to hazards. This development allows us to be more responsive and to solve a problem with a broader view and therefore more efficient.


Telling each other things, exchanging information transparently with our customers, finding ways to deal with unforeseen events, giving us visibility on the follow-up of trains... all these issues are at the heart of our requirements and our attention

It is also on these strengths that the relationship between all our employees is based: every day, our teams ensure that they pass on the information necessary for a quality shift to guarantee your satisfaction.


The link, the times of sharing between the employees of Euro cargo Rail is an important subject for the company. We take steps to regularly bring drivers, ground staff and technicians to our headquarters. Similarly, employees at headquarters can benefit from "Live my job". These spaces dedicated to discovering the professions and people create a spirit of solidarity.

On a daily basis, thanks to collaborative management, the Corridors (Mediterranean, North, Atlantic) help each other to keep your trains running.


DB Cargo France is made up of men and women who are passionate about the railway industry. Particularly involved on a daily basis, they are mobilised to guarantee an optimal quality of service.

Beyond the passion of our employees, the support of their skills is a complementary factor to their commitment. We provide them with all the necessary means to enable them to succeed in their missions (training, managerial support, coaching etc.).