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  • BR 186 TRAXX 140 MS (# 65)
    Electric, 86 tons, maximum speed: 140km/h
  • Class 66
    Diesel electric, 127 tons, maximum speed 120km/h
  • G 1000
    Diesel hydraulic, 82 tons
  • Wagons
    Wagons suitable for your needs


DB CARGO France propose 145 locomotives in France:
65 BR186, 64 CL66 and 16 GL1000.

Choose DBCF for a short, medium or long term is the possibility to use locomotive with a local team, dedicated contact. 

We offer locomotives we several approvals: ECM1 (Safety) ECM2 (Engineering), ECM (Planning) and ECM4 (Implementation).

Wagon retal service

DB Cargo France offers a wide range of wagon fleet management  via its own DB wagons but also via our referenced partners.

Our know-how allows us to perform provision and return inspections with a dedicated contact person to manage your fleet through GPS equipment.

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